5 Timeless Shoes For Your Sneaker

5 Timeless Shoes For Your Sneaker

5 Timeless Shoes For Your Sneaker I think are just timeless something that you could about 10 20 years ago and something that’s gonna be available 10 20 years from. now it will just basically never go out of style and you can never go wrong by having it. so I want to show you those top five today. now so I can give you a warm. welcome and as you guys know that like button every single time you guys hit that that helps the algorithm. oh, so much but I’m telling you. I’ll be putting so much effort into but without all that being saying you know what time itis let’s get into you guys know that you don’t need to have all five of these sneakers. but these are five different options that will never lead. you wrong and that’s the path. I want to lead you guys down it’s buying shoes that you know are gonna last for the long haul and stick around and still be in style and still be a hot shoe or respect. the shoe whenever you wear it out in public you know you feel you could rock. it with confidence starting with shoe number one. it is going to be the Converse Chuck Taylor that all-star joint. now you can go two different ways with this you can go with the high top or the low top and then you obviously have your black colorway in your white colorway those are the two classic iconic colorways and then if you want to get a little freaky a little bit nasty.

You can go ahead and switch it up with the colorways based on you know all the different colors from the color palette. because I guarantee you they have them somewhere on some type of website or something. where you can find the different patterns customized versions collaborations. you name itChuck tethers and covers have been around for so long. I mean I’m talking about yours and I don’t think they’re gonna go anywhere anytime soon especially. because the shoe is only like what 50 55 bucks some like it’s really not that expensive. so it’s a very affordable sneaker it’s pretty much like a tank some people like them. even better when they are used when people have a beat-up pair and it’s kind of got that old useless look to it so that’s up to you on your discretion do you want a fresh new icy pair or do you want to have them beat up and used. but one thing I can say is, either way, they’re gonna look good and be respected among everybody right a lot of people like that shoe me individually. I don’t personally own any pairs anymore I used to have some but every time. I warm I was like a breath a little it just looks like I have clown feet like my feet is so big.

5 Timeless Shoes For Your Sneaker I wear a size 13 so I just felt kind of awkward wearing that shoe and I just I don’t know it just wasn’t really for me but one thing. I can say is I definitely respect it there’s a lot of homage and history behind. it imagines basketball players in the NBA wearing those shoes back in the day ain’t that crazy all right let’s take it to the second shoe next up is a very cheap option as well and I think also respected. I think these two follow in the same category when it comes to the converse and then your old school vans. I think those two right there was the same kind of price point you know 50 to 80 bucks somewhere around. there I think some people can find them for even cheaper especially. if you get them at discount stores and stuff likeRoss and places like that you can get the shoe for really really cheap and will always be respected that’s another dope shoe. I used to have pairs back in the day and then obviously as you know grew my collection and I didn’t really want to wear those anymore definitely something that I think is worth the money and obviously the same kind of concept with this one you can go with. the all-white version or all-black version. the black and white version or you can freak it out and go with so many different color combinations. there might even be an option for you to customize them on the vans.

I’m not exactly sure because I haven’t been rocking vans anymore. but I do know that there are collaborations with vans that cause vans to be expensive. so if you are interested in the vans or you think like hey are these even worth. it for a lot of us but just for style and longevity, I think the vans old school is definitely another sneaker that you should. I wouldn’t say you should have it in your collection. but if you do I wouldn’t be mad at you at all because again. I don’t even own any pairs but I can’t say that I do love and respect that shoe and I think is worth having in your collection next up is another classic another iconic you know I had to put it on the list the all-white Air Force One you go with the high top. the low top the mid-top the strap you name it there are so many different options. but we’re gonna just say the low top Air Force one because we know there are so many vibes. I would just let’s just give it a moment of silence for a second. you know I’m saying because you just had to respect that shoe.

5 Timeless Shoes For Your Sneaker Because it was just that nice you know saying that feeling when you put that all-white Air Force One on and you walk out the door you don’t say even though the shoe ain’t really worth nothing. but you just feel like and then the next day you like yeah my god I’m dirty. I had to buy a new pair but it is what it is right so that’s definitely another shoe that just has to be in the collection and again. you could freak it with the all-white or all-black which you know the all-black is just a whole nother stigma behind wearing all-black pair Air Force Ones. we could get into that later but there are definitely a lot of options. when it comes to the Air Force Ones that is one of the most selling shoes from Nike that the monarchs different shoes like that so just alone with that sneaker. I guarantee you you can find a colorway that you like or just hop on Nike ID and make a pair for yourself. if you want to do it that way I’m not mad at you because I’ve done that myself as well. I definitely have a good amount of pair of Air Force Ones in my collection so that is something. I do still collect to this day and obviously I do like to get some more rare things. but we can get into that later but all Y Air Force Ones gotta have them yo if you guys made it to algorithm up. so much let’s go ahead and get back into it we got two more shoes left. so now you know I couldna say essentials or timeless shoes without recommending Adidas shoe right what shoe am I recommending this time.

There are two different options but I’m gonna say one this time. because I know right you could have had the option know I know she’ll toes I get it I know but we’re gonna say this Stan Smith this time just. because that one’s more of like you could kind of I wouldn’t say dress it up. but you could. put it with a solid casual outfit especially with the all-white you know you can definitely get away with breaking that shoe out a little bit and then obviously you have a bunch of different color options with that one as well. so that one’s very versatile I know I may not be fully in style but I definitely can’t say. when I do see people wearing that shoe to this day still you never mad at it you the fit is still solid you know I’m saying you can’t be mad at that shoe so the stands from having had to go on the list you have to give it as homage and it’s respect a pair of white and green you know I’m saying gotta keep it classic. but now let’s take it to the number one Oh G best one of all brothers ain’t never going out of style and that is the Air Jordan one you do not have to put the Air Jordan one on the list right now this one is gonna be a little bit more expensive everything else that I just mentioned on the list from the last four shoes. those who are all underneath 100 bucks and you can get those easily and it’s not really hard to get. Now the Jordan one it is kind of easy to get you got low top she’s got mid-tops you got high tops. so you can freak it out with the lowers of the mids but the problem is everybody wants to high right.

5 Timeless Shoes For Your SneakerĀ  Now the obviously high retail is about 170 bucks. so if you do get it for retail you’re gonna get it for 170 bucks but then when it comes to the colorway if you’re looking for classic OG colorways. now the price is gonna get up there because there’s a huge demand behind that specific shoe or I guess all those colorways and because of that it causes the shoe to be worth $1000 700dollars whatever. it may be depending on the color but I definitely think you should have a pair of Air Jordan once not just because of the hype. because I think it’s more of a G mythology vibes and also the Air Jordan one is simply a tank everybody if you own a pair of airliner once and you’ve been rocking them for years. I’m talking about which pair, in particular, that has been a tank for you over the years for me. I’ve been rocking the new loved ones in the shadow ones for literal bro over 10 years and I’m like you’re still hitting right they still feel good yeah. I got some he’ll drag but it’s okay they’re a tank they never go wrong so just the Air Jordan one alone the way it’s constructed and you know not worrying about a foam midsole or anything with it falling apart. I think it’s a great shoe it’s in for the longevity it came out thirty years ago and I think it’s gonna still be in style thirty years from. now so those were five different shoes that make a whole nother list of five more timeless sneakers.

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