Adidas Adizero RC2 SL20 Shoes

Adidas Adizero RC2 SL20 Shoes

Adidas Adizero RC2 SL20 Shoes the two beautiful shoes by Adidas Adizero RC 2 and the SL 20. they are two neutral shoes both really light let’s immediately compare them after a short disclaimer. I bought both shoes with my money no one paid me for this review and these are my personal opinion for both shoes. The SL 20 has a weight of 230 grams in the male version and the RC2 has a weight of 213 grams so the RC2 is a bit lighter than. the SL20 The drop is 10mm for both shoes but the SL20 is a bit higher than RC2 about 5mm For the SL 20. we have 29mm in the heel and 19mm in the forefoot versus 24 mm in the heel and 14 mm in the forefoot for the RC 2 Starting from the outsole. the SL 20 uses the really durable continental rubber which allows a good grip even in the most slippery grounds. The material of the continental has been improved in order to offer a better grip in different conditions and surfaces. Unfortunately, the RC 2 doesn’t use the Continental rubber, therefore, it has most likely lower durability. They both have a great grip I tested them in all conditions, wet and dry and the feeling is great with both. The midsole uses a new foam named Lightstrike, instead of the Boost as for example in the Adios 5. The Lightstrike guarantees a great cushioning and also responsiveness and actually is lighter than the boost.

Adidas Adizero RC2 SL20 Shoes I also noticed that the foam makes the foot transition much more easy and quick. so it helps the faster runners to achieve the maximum speed without renouncing to the cushioning and this feeling. I had both shoes For the midsole durability. I’m close to finishing my first 100km with the SL20 and I have to say it looks like brandy new The torsion systems are both lights in both models. I would say really light they work really well in terms of stability, especially in the curves. The system from SL 20 seems to me to be a bit more stable, even because It is bigger than in the RC 2 In the heel area the protection in both models is really good In the SL20. there is more foam, so it is more cushioned than RC 2 and I had a more comfortable feeling especially. if we land with the heel In the RC2 the feeling when we land on the heel is not that good like in the SL 20 even because the RC2 is a race shoe and it is studied and designed to guarantee responsiveness and not comfort or stability Both shoes offer a really comfortable area with good padding in the heel area for increasing the comfort Both uppers are really light. I tested both in warm days and the breathability is really good For sure the RC 2 has a lighter upper than. the SL 20 and the fit is also better than the SL 20 in my case The SL20’s upper is a bit larger in the forefoot area. I have to say so far I saw really few uppers so light as in the RC 2. but I have to say that probably the SL20 upper has better durability Both shoes have an excellent value for money they are available in the market at 80/90 euro.

For the shoe’s durability in general the SL 20 in my opinion is more resistant in the long run both for the sole and the upper and it looks much more versatile. The RC2 instead is really minimalist both for the upper, outsole, and for the weight therefore is a racing shoe or for fast training in the track and field and we cannot have high expectations in terms of durability. The laces have the right length for both shoes and they are the traditional ones, flat and the fixing system works really well in both models. The aesthetics are really beautiful they are available in different colors in this case. I prefer much more the colors and the style of the SL 20. because It seems to have much more attention to details The fit as I said for the RC 2 is perfect for my foot which is thin so the shoe hasn’t to have a wide plant for me in order to have a good fit. The fit in the SL20 is not as good as in the RC 2 especially in the forefoot area that seems to be a bit larger The RC2 in my usual size seems to be a bit longer than expected in the forefoot. so I suggest to try the shoe before to buy it The tongues are different in the two models and I’m surprised that the tongue in the SL 20 is lighter than the tongue in the RC 2 basically it has less padding than in the RC 2 I would have expected the opposite, anyway, both tongues are really comfortable even. if I prefer the tongue in the RC 2 In conclusion as you understood already, there is not a winner between the two models for everything.

Adidas Adizero RC2 SL20 Shoes It really depends a lot on how you want to use the shoes for sure they can be suggested for different kind of trainings or races For example the RC 2 I would suggest for intermediate level runner light runners not heavy I would use the RC2 for 5km, 10km and also an half marathon, but not for a marathon and for fast trainings in the track pay attention to their durability because being a racing shoe doesn’t have a great durability I would suggest the SL20 for all in case of using them for fast trainings and for intermediate level runners for any kind of training considering that under 4’30″/km the Lightstrike guarantees a good comfort Therefore if you are looking for a racing shoe or for a shoe for fast trainings in the track no doubts the RC 2 is the winner in this case with a less durability of the shoe you should consider I you are instead looking for a much more versatile shoes to use them in medium/long trainings or in fast trainings as well maybe not in the track then the SL 20.

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