Air Jordan Black Shoes Review

Air Jordan Black Shoes Review

Air Jordan Black Shoes Review the black cat force I’m going to be using errors from 2006 all the way up to 2020let’s go ahead and open up this box and start breaking these shoes down whats happening. how you guys doing how you been. but I want to do it with a bit of a twist. I want to take it back in time and talk about the different styles that they now have on this version from2006 to 2012 in time. so I’m pretty sure they’ve made some tweaks over those years. so let’s go ahead shoes that we’re gonna be using today actually before we even get started with that I’m gonna be using 2019 cool by fours inbred four and then uh oh six Lightning very happy and excited to open these up. so you got a metallic jump man a metallic flight and a blacktop. I think this is a very dope touch and it’s gonna look if you did end up picking up a pair and let me know. if you thought it was worth a hundred and ninety dollars or not so normally on the Box you have you’re all over cement print around the side of the box and then here on this one you still have the same thing but it’s black in metallic at the same time that is also another very dope hit to just overall from the get-go looking at the box and everything. I’m happy now let’s go ahead and get into the shoes and see how we feel about those okay opening the box up.

We have our classic black paper that they’ve been doing over the years kind of plastic you vibe. when it comes to that paper now oooh baby let’s get in two of these because honestly from the first look. I’m not sure how I feel about these actually this is gonna be an interesting review there’s like don’t part in weird parts so let’s uh let’s check these. I feel like are very comparable to this sneaker obviously not the color-blocking we understand that but I want to talk about the cuts the materials and the full shape of the shoe. because I feel like that plays a factor. how we can compare this one to a past pair like a 2006 era or something similar to 2019. Russians that have previously released in the past year so let’s go ahead and start with the description of this shoe and then we can kind more of a metallic vibe. when it comes to it not as matte and it sticks out a little bit more. but it also matches the net this one that I actually have a problem with because the Nets where they intersect with each other they kind of have like this little nipple to them between each and every part of the intersection.

Air Jordan Black Shoes Review You can see that there’s not really too much wiggle room between there as compared to here. it’s very loose there’s a lot of room for the net to move and it’s not as tight. so I think that is just something when it comes to mass-producing a sneaker you know. Obviously there was way less of this version than there was at that version and there can be some inconsistencies. when it comes to a shoe because as we know back in the day the toe boxes were a lot sleeker and as the years went on they got boxier and pointed up like this as you can see from the bread. so now when I look at this toe box it’s kind of mixed it’s kind of sleek a little bit and it sticks up just a little bit. so it’s in between it’s got that wiggle room it’s like it’s almost leaked it’s almost boxy. I feel like they did a better job on it and like this now taking it to the eyelids in the Nuba arm on the side of the foot that one is going to be the same as the Lightning’s or as the kool grace the bread fours have a plastic piece here. but all these ones have a nubuck side on it so I feel like they did alright it has the exposed lining right here. where it looks kind of white on this area but that’s like the only part of the shoe works like that again. I’m sure that just from production all the different far just looking at the shoe.

I think the biggest thing though is looking here on the back tab and then the tongue so let’s take it into the back tab just. you can see that everything is set inside and cut around the Jumpman and then the piece is sticking out away from the shoe. now when you look at it here. on the Lightning and the black cap from back in the day, you can see that the piece was cut out a little bit more and there was a gap between the arm in the leg here and then also it was more smooth here not sticking out from the shoe. so I don’t know if it’s because the plastic is thicker or they set. it farther back whatever you may call it but as you can see there is a difference in the heel the way they stitched it the way. they put that together so do you guys feel that it was cleaner more efficient this way or more this way. I personally think that they did actually a better job on the hill with the newer version. but again these are a lot of big detailed things and stuff like that but that’s what I kind of wanted to do is break these down and show you guys the little details behind. the issue something that somebody hasn’t shown you guys and I want to show you guys those little things is the tongue is very very thick it is very bold is very prominent and. I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about that because when I look at the2006 and even though earlier 2019 bred for they have a very slim a very thin very classic look when it comes to the tongue the cut and the feel of the tongue now. it’s kind of thin right here and you can kind of feel your fingers pushing together.

But it has that cool vibe because that’s just a classic old-school vibe when it comes to it the cool graph forgets a little bit thicker and that’s when I because there’s like space between it and when you push it. you can feel like the glue or something in between there kind of sticking on the materials now when you get to this one it’s like very padded very thick and I’m not exactly sure why they where they’re going with this. I hope that they don’t do this on every other Jordan for from here on out because this tongue is the classic tongue this is the tongue that we want Jordan Brand please don’t do this on any other ones imma let you guys slide this time though it’s alright. I’ll let y’all slide copy so now taking it into one of the final things that I’ve noticed about the shoe was there was no black Catlow going or branding they just went triple black on the sneaker and triple black on the box. there was no special card or hangtag or anything that said black cat usually when they have something based around like a story or whatever. maybe they usually have something to go with it but they didna have anything to go with this one. so I’m kind of confused about that one because I don’t remember if the black. I know the bike had three for sure had it but I can not remember.

Air Jordan Black Shoes Review¬† If the black cat four had it stitched on the back as well as they did on the black cat three can you let me know? I don’t remember if the 2006 black cat 4 had the black cat logo going on the back of the shoe. I just can’t remember so and let me know about that one because I’m forgetting right. now I’m sorry I’m drawing a blank please help me out with that one so that comes to my next question how do you guys feel about these where these are a cop they have dropped let’s go you guys think about these down below. But he’s a cop where they drive where they don’t were there a note whatever you like to call my own over I got a little slang for it. so I hope that gave you guys a good look in comparison between these different sneakers obviously didn’t want to take too much time going too much in-depth. but I definitely want to show you guys a couple of things that I thought stood out to me when it comes to this new version again I ended up picking up three pairs of them and I obviously think is worth that but that’s just me because I know that these are gonna rock from now and later and I’m gonna be able to pull another pair out years from now and still have them on ice because I feel like they’ll go up in value I don’t think it’ll be crazy in value but you know maybe 300 somewhere around there over time it might hit that price but again that’s gonna take some time.

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