Hoka Running Shoe Reviews

Hoka Running Shoe Reviews

Hoka Running Shoe Reviews I’m getting built back up I’m not used to talking so much. but anyways you know being away from work all this time. I’ve not been meeting so I’ve been sitting at home and doing nothing. so I get a question all the time like what shoes am I currently working and I’m gonna go really quickly on the shoes. I’m currently running in and what my plans are and I also want you to let me know what shoes you’re hoping to see what shoes. you’re looking at what you want to know about I can offer a perspective that not other Shoe viewers can give you. I am a larger runner I’m210 even on my lightest I’m 190 I’m almost 6 1 and we wear shoes a little bit differently. I’m not an elite runner I’m was a former sprinter turned ultramarathoner and I think I can give you a little bit different perspective on stability shoes neutral shoe trail shoes and things like that how they are being used by us bigger guys how will they hold up. so take that for what it’s worth and we will jump right into it right. now so the trail shoe that I am reviewing right now that I’m currently going through not reviewing is the HokaSpeed Goat 4 I love the shoe. I’ve done several reviews on it so far simple tests on it it’s done really well through all of them.

Hoka Running Shoe Reviews I’m really happy to have this shoe as a trail shoe it’s the only trail shoe. I’m currently running I’m very selective about the shoes that I choose I’m not just reviewing every shoe that comes out. because I can’t afford to do so when I do live streams and you guys do super chats that’s where the money goes shoe fund anyways great shoe. I will be doing the 50-mile review I would say probably. I bought and I really do like it’s more of a neutral shoe very thick upper to great you. I’ve been asked recently did I give up on into I have not it’s just I don’t82 or 100 miles a week. so it’s hard for me to put that many miles on shoes so I have to be very selective on the shoes that I put mileages on or I’ll never get to review especially. if I have to wait until I get to 50 miles or so in the Lapatet I have done an initial review. I really do like the shoe it’s the very thick sole or not it’s a very thick copper in it and it’s a very comfortable shoe. I the runs that I’ve had it so far I have really much enjoyed it. I think I’ve had less than20 miles in this one the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19. I bought this one as a comparison shoe for the 20 so I’d have something to compare it with like this shoe it was very firm the upper is breathable. it’s a comfortable shoe I have to admit its a comfortable shoe and I will be using this one as a comparison to other shoes in the future.

I probably won’t be doing a review in and of itself because it is the 19 the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 I bought as a comparison shoe with some of the stability shoes from Mizuno. I really like the shoe the review for this will be coming out soon. I think I’m probably close to 30 miles on this is a great shoe it’s got a really roomy toebox and it’s very stable it’s a little softer than the 19. so that was a welcome surprise what else can I say about this. I love the upper this is the run-happy version I bet this I really like that one I did it initial review that I will list that down in the description along with all the shoes that I’ve already done. is the wave knit version of the wave inspire 16. I have the other version up there that I have done the initial there were full review and a 300-mile review that is a wave inspire 16that one’s retired this new one is the wave net version of it and then. I’m excited that I have not run in this yet so I’m excited to review this one also in with Mizuno shoes and the current may be taking the place of my favorite shoe is the New Wave horizon 4or. I have 60 miles in this shoe this is the next review that I’m going to be releasing what can. I say this is a fantastic shoe and I can’t wait to talk to you about it so that is the entirety of the shoes that I’m running in right now. I believe oh I’m not the one running in these but Bondi 6 is my wife’s and I also have my seven-year-old daughter have a pair andI’m having them running them and I’m gonna be doing a review with those so this is a lady shoe.

Hoka Running Shoe Reviews so I’m gonna be talking to the ladies my wife and a 17-year-old girl see you know the spectrum of opinions up that’s on the docket also other than that’s what’s going onI’m steadily building up my mileage and trying to figure out what to do with all these shoes. I would like to do more shoes I’m looking for ways to bring more shoes into the channel without having to purchase all of them it gets very expensive. so I’m finding to try to find ways to do that so live streaming is one of those and having shoe companies send me the shoes for review is another those are my options anyways, please. let me know what shoe you’re currently running in and what shoe you’re looking forward to coming out or one you want to know about that will help me especially. if you’re a larger runner or you don’t have to be overweight just a larger runner and you like stability shoes. if you’re really into stability shoes or need one I kind of specialize in that so let me know down in the chat and I will leave you with the review for the Hoka and the run happy we’re happy versions right over here.

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