Nike Air Presto White Shoes 2018 Review

Nike Air Presto White Shoes 2018 Review

Nike Air Presto White Shoes 2018 Review it was good it should weigh AJ and you already know I do not have a DNA sherry Well the already. We’re out of the DNA show. Let’s get into this I’m excited to see what you got bro. presto bang Right there clean and they’re my size team. Thank you for appreciating it Appreciate So let’s get into my shoe reviews. Oh, just go ahead. Tell me what you think about it How do you feel about it compared to the first one? Overall I mean obviously my first impression is that it’s all white shoe And how much is this you going for like 1,200 right something like that fur comes in the look of the game today?  I’m not copying once I hear you. That’s nice No, that’s cool. Like let’s think about it Would you cop a regular presto all-white for 160 for a hundred sixty bucks and no Yeah, and if they didn’t have resale value, I wouldn’t compliment but the black hair. Yeah, I like those I’ll be willing to drop like 250 on those really I can see myself dropping but no resale value. No reason Are you really it was just like that’s their max. Well, that is the resale value 100 bucks over I’m like, okay, I like these are dope. I’m rocking used I like that the off-white silhouette is super chunky. It’s well, it’s taxable with genius You can rock them with shorts and they live nicely. I just Honestly the silhouette that’s what makes the difference between off-white and a regular press though. Probably oppressed Oh, there’s nice and sleek.

You got the toe box. That’s like reconstruct. Right? You guys know the story behind the whole flight anyways Yeah, so the fact that it’s all white is a no-go for me personally if I couldn’t get it for retail because I’m not paying to talk about 400 I’ll show you guys a couple of details on the shoe and then we’ll be right back at you As you can see we have the all-white presto very very similar to the 2017 pair just in all white It’s actually pretty interesting because they have the tan logo on the insole If you look at the outsole, you have an all-white outsole with a black heel on it Brett I’m trying to do a review right now. Can I please finish the review? You think you funny Alright anyways back to the review going into the toe and the shape of the shoe. It’s very very similar Like I said before to the 2017 pair it looks very very nice the quality on the materials I can’t complain looking at the side panel on the front of the sneaker right by the cage as you can see it has the orange tab and then it also comes With the orange laces as well on the inside of the foot you have your typical Off-white branding and on the back. You have your air in quotes classic off-white vibes overall clean shoe Let’s go ahead and kick it back to the boys After seeing the shoe. What do you feel about it? we really want to know how you feel about this shoe compared to the black one We’re working really really hard to get that black hair for you.

Nike Air Presto White Shoes 2018 Review We did. You smell nice Oh Vacuum seal Breaks, we got some break something. Hey All of you that we love you guys. Thank you for showing support. for me Before I Got a stick Man, the perches better than a horse. They come in legit. That’s coming in the Bag though. But we gotta get back to the cakes and finish this off, oh, we’re all gonna say what are your thoughts overall I was just talking about it with somebody else the off-white presto and the off-white itself I think it’s just kind of dying. I think they need to come with something else. This is how we’ve had enough It’s been a year and a half. Now, this has been a year and a half 17:18. Yeah, so we got about a year and a half of this off-white hype I’m ready for some of the new I hope Travis Scott can do that? I hope you can really call myself really really don’t do it kind of failed on the fours But I just want that purple pair. You need the four as a fail To some people. Yeah because of the quality But if you haven’t seen that above right here whatever you did I wouldn’t say dad Something is But thank you guys for watching. We appreciate it We’ll be at you with some more content.  Yes Oh, and if you haven’t already make sure you grab a tea for that as well White black and gray in an Okay, that’s kind of core. Is that do all right. Let’s do 2525 Definitely behind 2500.

Nike Air Presto White Shoes 2018 Review The actual members12 along with two small however substantial practical enhancements within the prior design one increased side to side stability as well as to some would reduce lower-profile he’ll for anyone yet as X or the Asics gel nimbus 13 Essex members collection this line is considered one of the company’s mainline basics gel nimbus 13 other with comes usually at a 120 dollars in a price point this she was completely worth the price. if you’re a seasoned runner or something looking to become really serious about their running the actual footwear. especially perfect for individuals with a neutral entrance as well as somewhat greater arches there’s higher padding for that arches Asics gel nimbus 13. if you’re the high-mileage athlete operating twenty-five miles or even more per week Asics gel nimbus 13 optimizing with regard to comfort and he’s more than complete pace. this particular is superb footwear to coaching to prevent accidental injuries operating on the treadmill machine or even something lacking difficult concrete and you’ll seem like you’re operating Overall, the newest iteration should feel familiar to wearers of earlier versions of the shoe—the principle difference being weight reduction. For newcomers, a shoe is a good option for runners who need extensive cushioning, are heel strikers, or wish to diminish the impact of the road on joints while running. In order to reduce weight, the Asics gel nimbus 13 features newer, lighter materials that seek to provide the same amount of cushioning and support as those found in previous models—all while boasting less bulk and weight.

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