Reebok Floatride Sports Shoes Review

Reebok Floatride Sports Shoes Review

Reebok Floatride Sports Shoes Review so firstI’m gonna review today quite excited about this one I got you said please go to the Reebok site they’ve got a ridiculous deal. I think they’re normally about 65 pounds or something but Reebok has some crazy deal on a couple of weeks ago. now and I thought I can’t quite stop myself from trying these out for 29 quid. so here we go I’ve just looked as if the 10th of Aprilthere’s still a good deal on some colorways of this shoe over on the reebok. I think they’ve got maybe two or three colorways that you can still get for 40 pounds which is still a ridiculously good deal okay let’s get to it. it uses their float ride energy foam which feels to me like a touch softer on a more densely packed version of boost. I think they’re little beads they use for the foam or a lot smaller just feels a lot softer to me. I’ll throw up some information on the screen as to the weight of this shoe in my size which is a UK size 11 or a size 12 straight off the bat. I can highly recommend this shoe to pretty much everybody.

Reebok Floatride Sports Shoes Review: I mean who doesn’t want that so we’ll start off with the upper first so the upper there is great it’s not too roomy some decent amount of room in the toe box there. I think it’s probably true to size this one great shape around the heel area for me it really felt like it locked my heel in position. I didn’t really feel this flare at all certainly does remind me of the Pegasus turbo -yeah it does remind me of the turbo – that he will flare and a little bit of the Pegasus 36 as well. they’re very similar in fact I’m wearing this one now the mesh in the upper strikes a good balance between support and breathability of the shoe. there’s a boutique instruction within the shoe it starts though a little further down. I’ve noticed those kinds of pieces that go around the mid-foot saw a little bit further down than sing like the pecs of 36 I find it very breathable today in temperatures of about 12 degrees. I headed out very early this morning for my run to avoid the big build-up for people. I was expecting you might be walking around and using their one exercise a day but also so that I could avoid the very hot weather it’s now 23 degrees outside but the UK. it’s got very warm very quickly I’m not complaining about it my wife’s loving it, in fact, she’s out there in the Sun just reading her book and enjoying herself. Inside playing video games and playing guitar and looking at running shoes why not makes me happy God do the things that make you happy.

Reebok Floatride Sports Shoes Review I can’t imagine though this shoe being quite warm for those of you who live in hotter more humid climates. I’ve not really seen anything like this before perhaps similar to the triumph 17 they don’t sort of falls like normal laces do they’ve got a little bit or straw-like quality about them that you guys know. I don’t like elastic laces the these aren’t too elasticated they kind of what they are I think if I was a superhero. I would be I’d be rigid layman I’ve kind of useless and forgettable superhero his comics would probably be left to haunt the comic book bargain bins for evermore lockdown was really simple in this shoe it was a process of put the shoe on tightening the laces up and not them and it was perfect straight off the bat. you have got this kind of weird place loops here that they’ve put in I’ve not really seen anything like this where they cover hide the laces out the way. I guess you could place the laces under those loops as well once they’re tied to stop them coming undone it’s Connard odd but quite novel. I like that everything about these shoes quite well thought out-think Reeboks sometimes go a little bit under the radar. but certainly good shoes this one it’s a bit odd Reebok. but I like it we certainly don’t have a plush Asics upper here it’s functional but not too basic certainly doesn’t feel cheap on foot or in hand. I think it’s looking all right better sort of nineties dad she kinda way.

Reebok Floatride Sports Shoes Review : I think it’s probably just the right side of dad she for it to be acceptable don’t think. I’ve got any other gray shoes either I like it hey there were twenty-nine pounds. I can’t complain I’m gonna give this one a two-point-five out of three for my initial upper review onto the midsole next it’s possibly my favorite part of running shoe reviews the midsole. it doesn’t smell actually it smells like football boots smell like soccer boot this one certainly has a more soccer boot style smell about i.t so we’ve got a nine-millimeter drop here twenty-nine millimeters in here or and twenty millimeters in the forefoot the midsole here is a ward of molded thermoplastic elastomer apparently. it’s very good for surviving very hot temperatures or temperature changes and molds are very easy to produce in a very standard ice consistency. it’s certainly got huge amounts of giving to it I was very very impressed actually I was expecting maybe like a loon elan style thing similar to the zoom fly original but it’s not like that at all the foam underfoot feels really responsive. I think after running him faster tempo pace shoes earlier in the week the alpha fly and also the New Balance fuel cell TC and then some slower miles in the Adidas ultra boost twenty this felt really responsive certainly closer towards. the alpha flies and the new bounce it’s not really like the foam in the ultra boost 20 at all and why initial run I found this to be a light and nimble shoe.

I think it fits more into that ring corn and beacon kind of category absolutely more preferable than the Pegasus 36 to me in terms of the midsole more along the lines perhaps of the triumph 17 from Saucony certainly less like them quite rigid. Evo ride that one really hasn’t started to mellow out for me that midsole when the Evo ride. I think are a really great middle-of-the-road shoe here I think it could really appeal to those who just started out running to get some exercise in these very strange times. I found that wasn’t a huge amount of difference in the midsole cushioning at the rear of the shoe and the forefoot both areas very soft and very enjoyable at my easy pace but also very responsive when I picked up the pace in a few surges during my run today. I’d say perhaps not quite as cushioned as the triumph 17 midsoles that power run plus stuff really is something special I feel like you’ve got a good balance between width and cushioning here in the energy too. I think I probably could have run a lot faster than I did today I didn’t want to run some easy mile saying the backs of my legs are already crying out for some relief really. but I think in future runs in issue certainly it’s going to produce a good set some higher places so nothing to dislike about the midsole here. I’m gonna give it a 2.5 out3 on 2 outsoles so I found the outsole to be grippy enough on paths.

Reebok Floatride Sports shoe Review I went through some sort of dirt trail areas and also through some grass over some twigs those are few branches and things like that I had no issues felt really secure on-road and tarmac really grippy in fact there’s certainly a decent amount of rubber hereon the bottom of the Reebok float Road energy – I think perhaps comparable to the outsole on the Saucony tribe 17 it’s not branded like the Adidas house continental. but I think there’s a decent amount of rubber there it’s going to provide some reasonable durability but it’s hard to place a number on durability right now there’s a variation on the rubber pattern from the sort of very bubbly area here. it’s a larger kind of nubs and pieces in the midfoot the bobbly area has got a stretches down past the arch stops around about the heel. there’s very little exposed midsole here you’ve got a full-length rubber outsole. so I think it’s going to protect the midsole really well outsole certainly did the trick for me on my initial run today. I think a reasonable balance between rubber thickness and coverage didn’t get to try it in any wet conditions so in mind of that I’m going to give it a two-point-five out of three for the outsole on my initial review quite quiet shoe actually as well in terms of the outsole. I did come up towards a couple of people at one point and they just didn’t hear me because the shoes are so quiet.

I had to kind of call out to them run are on your right and they just ignored me in terms of value even at four seventy-five pounds. I think it’s a great shape I think really could open doors and provide some opportunities for new runners or experienced runners alike really the great middle of the road she could use this for a lot of stuff so faster pace tempo runs some slower miles some long miles at low paces. I think it’s a winner. so I’m going to give this three out of three for value just looking online they’ve got some pairs of this shoe in some of the other colorways. I don’t think it’s this one it’s like a true gray colorway and you can get it for forty pounds right now that’s a crazy deal that’s brilliant so if you’ve got any more questions about the than happy to answer them for you we’ve got amusical interlude and a TV interlude – I’ve been listening to this fantastic.

So I probably know their track rip it up quite a famous tune, of course, the song Smith Edwyn Collins was the main man in orange juice another super track on his breakfast time which is I’ve got to be honest my favorite time of the day. so do check out orange juice some really great stuff kind of lifting spirits quite poppy quite quirky another thing I really want to watch again is the good life this was a BBC series in the seventies. I believe starring Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal they play a couple who are trying to sort of living off the land they’ve got a suburban house. but they decide to sort of plant lots of vegetables and try and recycle things and reuse things really great series you should check it out. I think the times at the moment reminding me that we need to do that I need to do that more to make the best use of what I have so done check that out the good life it’s time for me to mosey off into the sunset home. you’re all staying safe and sticking with those rules around your local area.

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