The Worst Travel Shoes

The Worst Travel Shoes

The Worst Travel Shoes I’m discussing the 5 most uncomfortable Footwear, you could travel in… but you shouldn’t…ENGAGE!  “This is Passport Kings, Welcome Aboard, Abroad! Whether you’re on a hike up the side of the Hollywood Mountain or just sitting on a plane for 5 hours and want to remove your shoes for a little while, travelers quickly began to realize that COMFORT is the most important thing going on in life from moment to moment. Comfortable sweatpants eliminate jeans back pocket designs from hurting your butt, and an extra hoodie can stop you from freezing your cockles off… when someone turns the air conditioners too high. but most importantly, what will make or break your comfort level when traveling is footwear, shoes, kicks, sneakers. A lot of travelers will not take this major issue into consideration until it’s too late. I, at one time also cared more about how my sneakers looked… before thinking about how much they could endure or how much I could endure with them on. Some people posted jokes about the joints  I get the joke. Crappy looking kicks can destroy the most well put together fit in the world… That was an I lived by for all of my teens, twenties, and some of my thirties. Then something happened… I got old Nah, what happened was I was realizing that what could have been some of the best times in my life were being ruined by uncomfortable feet.

I would never say throw all of your fashion sense out of the window because just like on the first day of school, if you look good, you feel good and you’ll make better first impressions but, like I said, being fly sometimes has to come 2nd to comfort. So let’s just jump right into it. The number 5 worse things to have on my feet are flip flops. I think NBA players leaving practice may have started this trend. They would finish shooting around then they would leave really thick socks on and slip their feet into flip flops. The Worst Travel Shoes  This look caught on with a lot of people, mainly young people trying to emulate their favorite stars… because you can slide them on and off whenever you feel like it, and they are not gripping every inch of your foot all day. That is until you realize how long you’ve been pressing your toes down on the front of them just to walk without them slipping off. Not only that but they look horrible, especially without the socks. This is not the way to be dressed when you meet someone for the first time. It makes you look either lazy or pretentious as if you’re MAD NICE you just got finished practicing for the all-star game. But the final straw is when they wind up being more work to keep on than its worth.

The Worst Travel Shoes You’ll almost wish your toes were fingers so they could grab the front and keep them in place. I’m looking to relax mid-trip, not feel like I’m playing thumb sizes with my shoes. They do get props while you are just sitting in your airplane seat because of the easy ability to slip them off, but at the end of the day, some regular Nikes can be slipped off with no problem. So they don’t even get those props. The number 4 and most ugly option possible is the sandals that strap sound the back and has plenty of air holes. They look like they are made from multiple leather straps. You know what I’m talking about, the ones that the Africans and Caribbean men wear. Being from New York, I wouldn’t be caught dead in these things. These are the shoes that EPIC clowning is made out of. I guess the extra vents for your feet probably make sense in a hot environment but if the environment is that hot, it probably means it’s full of insects too. The last thing you need is open toes when the bugs get hungry … but to be honest, the most offensive part if those shoes are how they look. And is it me or do people who wear these always seem to be running the soul down to one side? I may be a lot more liberal nowadays with how I dress because I like to keep comfort in mind as well as use all extra loot I have for extravagance while on vacations, But there are still some fashion lines that I will not cross And those Sandals are at the front of that line. Do us all a favor and retire them. 3.

The Worst Travel Shoes Timberlands. Only a new Yorker would even think about wearing some construction boots on a plane and to a cool spot What can I say? Like the Yankee cap, we can live in other cities for a decade and still be stuck in our illogical NYC ways. None of us really like the Yankees that much and hardly any of us want to work construction if we can find something that would pay the same or more. But, I’ve worn Timberlands to other states because of the cool factor. It was only cool for a little while though After a while you realize how hot your feet are and how heavy boots are to walk around in. Tack on the fact that no one else is walking around in BOOTS and the decision is easily made to never do the Tims thing again. Not to mention trying to pack them or pull them off really quickly when in a relaxed spot. They would make sense for hiking or cold cities and countries but lugging them around is so much work it’s not worth it at all Number 2. Air Max 95s. Do you want to know what it feels like to have your feet pressed into a tight corner that’s paved in sharp rocks? I didn’t either, but I found out what it felt like when I was in Miami with a brand new pair of Air Max 95s Design-wise, the 95s were the most fly air max to ever hit the shelves. To this day, if you have a special event to go to that lets you wear whatever you want, there is no more stylish footwear, for most occasions than the 95s. ut the 95s have a secret. They are not shaped by the way human feet are shaped. At least not my feet. It’s like all of your toes are balled up in the front. The Worst Travel Shoes

Then to make matters worse, the air bubbles that are supposed to make you feel like you are walking on air, feel more like asphalt on a dirt road. I tried and tried with my air max. I brought a size larger. That didn’t work, I pulled the lining out of the inside, that didn’t work. I even tried wearing them with no laces. They are impossible to get comfortable in, so I had to do away with them. They can flatten pretty good so they can be stuffed in luggage pretty well, which is good because if there is a cool spot go to at your destination for only a couple of hours, Air Max 95s is the way to go in style. but just not travel in… And for the number 1 spot of uncomfortable footwear, NOTHING beats the Foamposites. These things were not made with comfort in mind Fly? Yes! Some of the dopest sneaker designs on earth but when it comes to wearing them for long lengths of time, there is no shoe more uncomfortable. I’d rather wear hard bottoms before I have composites as my only footwear for a long trip again. At one point, I thought I had broken my ankle and needed to see my foot doctor. I couldn’t understand why at my age I had a bad ankle I was at a point where every time a new color would come out, I would get them And at almost $300 a pop, it was a pretty expensive habit.

The Worst Travel Shoes But one day while wearing some other sneakers, it dawned on me “Hey, my ankle is not hurting today” I mention it to other people who liked foams and we all started t9 realize that foot and ankle issues we were having were caused by our stylish and freaking expensive shoe game. I’ve since, put them down and have not had any foot issues since. I still have a few pair that I’ll wear from time to time and I’m sure I’ll even cop some more if they keep coming with fire colors like they’ve been doing lately, but as far as packing them in a suitcase or wearing them on my feet for a long trip, there is no way in the world I will go for my composites again. They still fly though! Yo, I wanna give a big shout out to Deacon James Trustee for becoming a new Patreon and supporting the Passport Kings Movement From my Heart, I truly appreciate your support And I promise to keep giving you my full efforts on this Passport Kings Project Thanks, Man! Packing light is very important to me and nothing kills space in luggage like footwear. and nothing kills comfort like bad shoes. Me? I prefer that the only shoes I take with me are the ones on my feet. The Worst Travel Shoes But I know a lot of the Royal Family will think differently because The Gotta keeps up with their shoe game. Just make sure the kicks you do take will give you the ability to walk around for hours, sit for hours with them on, and won’t cause you long-term effects. One of the best benefits of being Royal is the comfort that comes with the crown.

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