Work With Brands 100% Waterproof knit Shoes

Work With Brands 100% Waterproof knit Shoes

Work With Brands 100% Waterproof knit Shoes working with brands specifically footwear shoe company. so I brought in my buddy Caius who’s like big in the shoe games got more shoes. then I have anything and he knows his stuff so I think the first thing. we should do is probably just like open these up and check them out and like you know way more about shoes and I do so like I’m kind of looking to you yeah. so I’m kind of looking to you to like to give me what you think about the shoe. so yeah absolutely let’s do it open her up it’s all you man packaging is nice and simple first impression is that they’re really light. you can tell right away since it’s like a one-piece upper it’s probably going to be very form-fitting very comfortable. it’s thin enough that it’s going to be quite breathable too so sure you can wear these in kind of summertime and with the socks and. you won’t you won’t be sweating your feet off sure that’s my first impressions far yeah it’s like. I don’t know much but like in terms of shoes like these things feel like super-light like. yeah, it’s like you’re holding nothing in your hand also completely waterproof oh yeah so like that kind of puzzles me. , it’s like a knit but it’s like 100% waterproof which is I think pretty sweet.

I’m excited to kind of test that out yeah sure my other thing that’s cool about these shoes. I found out is they’re vegan so yeah exactly hundred percent sure what that means. but I’m guessing there’slike no leather any animal products on it if there’s no leather than like the suede here or I guess synthetic suede it’s like pretty well done. it doesn’t feel too cheap yeah it was pretty sturdy and yes yeah definitely. I mean I haven’t tried these on yet but like it feels in the hand that like it could kind of help lock your foot in place awesome alright. so game plan. you’re gonna toss these bad boys on we are gonna go outside into the freezing cold and shoot. I think we’re gonna do like a little bit of indoor product photography on like a backdrop first and then we’ll head out. so and then once we’re done shooting I’m gonna get your opinion on like how they felt while you were wearing. yes, it’s good to let’s do it might need these before we get to shooting. I know you see a lot of creators online nowadays like doing partnerships withFord and Nike and Mercedes and all these huge brands and you’re like. that makes sense they’ve got a million followers. I reached out to these guys I slid into their DMS and. I fired them a message saying listen, guys like I love your product if you guys would be down to collaborate.

I would love to take some product shots of your shoes for your Instagram for whatever you may need you to know show behind the scenes of how. I shot the product and that was someone actually message back and responded to me saying. hey like yeah we’d love to work with you and you know they’ll say they sent me. the shoes and that was basically how it worked again. I don’t have a huge social media following that would warrant brands reaching out to me and just you know begging for me to feature. how big time or small time you maybe you know you have a particular skillset and a lot of companies are looking for good photographers if you have they’ll look at it and be like yeah this guy knows what he’s doing let’s work with them so reach out don’t be afraid to try regardless of who you are how good you are at what you do you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take Wayne Gretzky, Michael Scott, now let’s go shoot this thing all right so for these shoes. I’m going with a white backdrop and I know some of you watching will be like a white backdrop that’s so boring but hear me out white backdrop photography for product shots specifically is super-important firstly. because it gives you a lot of flexibility if you want to change the background if you want to manipulate the photo in any way it’s a lot easier to do it with a white background then it would be for like pulling it out of a lifestyle shot and then doing all that extra work afterward. it’s a very controlled environment you can do exactly what you want.

Work With Brands 100% Waterproof knit Shoes So I’m able to edit these photos afterward and secondly something that most people might not realize and if you’re a photographer who wants to get into product shots is an extra source of income you need white product photography for a lot of they require a certain dimension of photo with a white backdrop to showcase. the product itself no distractions lifestyle shots and stuff like that’s just a bonus but you need white backdrops and that’s why I’m going with this today we’re gonna do a couple of funky things so let’s get into it all right so one of the biggest selling features on the shoes is the fact that they’re 100% waterproof and I figured in the product shots. I might as well incorporate that somehow and I figured the best way to do it would be like a quick. so the plan takes this turkey baster with water in it and drizzle. it down the actual shoe while the cameras on the tripod and we’ll turn that into a cinema graph later. let’s go alright so we got the shoes on this old frame that I found in the house with like the Leaning Tower of Pisa on it. I’m just going to use that to catch the water as it’s coming down and I’m gonna get nice and tight so we can focus on the detail in the shoe and then. you’ll just see water droplets coming down that’s the game plan lets see. how well I can execute that all right so we’re about to head outside I forgot one thing hang on a sec. I really have to pee all of a sudden alright so in Canada in January it’slike minus 30 out so we’re going to try and shoot this as quickly as a possible reason.

I have the bucket is because we’re gonna pour it into the middle of the street and create like a puddle get like a reflection. I’m also going to get Caius to like step in it so that the product photography kind of reflects the waterproof features of the shoes and I’m already frozen. so let’s do this probably such a hazard. I’m just making ice on the street all right so that did not exactly go according to plan it’s so cold outside its minus 18 degrees Celsius the water that. I poured froze almost instantly I think in the post we’ll be able to salvage it but we had to get the shots real quick and come back in and now we’ll get your thoughts on its not shoes were all right so aside from freezing your bag off yeah and I still like. I still can’t feel my fingers what did you think of the shoes were very comfortable and surprisingly feet didn’t freeze as much as I would like I’m wearing like. 

I’m not double socking and like I was in this outside and what negative 18 and 18 and with like the wind chill it felt like almost like negative 30 or something like that and like. I felt fine which is crazy to me because like there’s such a breathable shoe. but looking for you to be warm and did your feet get wet at all no and we were stepping insides now yeah jumping around jumping on the car and stuff yeah that’s an awesome man so yeah thanks for coming out that’s about it thank you guys for checking it out and I hope to see you guys in the next video see ya oh hey guys if you’re still watching and thank you because obviously you’re a beauty and a great fan now I just wanted to drive home that part one more time if you want to work with these brands just reach out to them there’s absolutely no harm and reaching out to these people and asking if you can shoot their product.

Work With Brands 100% Waterproof knit Shoes Are you looking for the best hiking shoes? we will top hiking shoes on the market. Before we get started with our video detailing the best hiking shoes, we have included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure you check those Starting off at number 1 we have the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX. At number 2 we have the Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator. At number 3 we have the Altra Lone Peak 4.5. Their flagship trail runner is the Lone Peak, and for the fall of 2019, Altra released the “4.5.” Changes include an upgraded midsole and simplified upper and lacing system, but the formula largely remains the same. At number 4 we have the La Sportiva TX4. As with most approach shoes, La SportivaTX4 does have limitations. in dirt and mud. And keep in mind that La Sportiva does make this shoe in a number of versions, including the mesh TX3, which has more breathability, up to the burly TX5 which is a full-on hiking boot. And at number 5 we have The North FaceUltra 110 GTX. good foot protection, and durable construction. of the Cascade Range. One of the Ultra 110’s closest competitors the Salomon X Ultra 3. So that sums up the top hiking shoes.

Are you looking for the best water shoes? we’ll break down the topwater shoes available whilst comparing them for price versus performance. Before we get started with our video detailing the best water shoes on the market, for each product mentioned, so make sure you check  When it comes to quality, these shoes are surprisingly great, even when compared to pricier water shoes for men. They’ve got Comfort Dry sock liners to protect your arches, water-draining, traction-supporting outsoles that reduce slippage, and FluidFlowtechnology from the mesh uppers to the outsoles. They’re made from the hydrophobic engineered mesh on the top, with rubber outsoles and cushioned EVA insoles. twice in one day. When it comes to price it’s somewhere between$30 to $35 depending on your preferred color and size. The quality is pretty darn good for a pair of cheap water shoes. For starters, they’ve got Comfort Dry sock liners. Solyte midsoles are lightweight yet durable. You may find yourself frequently emptying out your shoes if you swim somewhere without clean water. Just $20 to $30, which is a great price for water shoes that aren’t slip-one or aqua socks. And for our final pick at number 5, we have the Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe. 

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