Yellow Sneakers For Men

Yellow Sneakers For Men

Yellow Sneakers For Men We’re talking about how to properly store your sneakers at home preserves them to make them last just a little bit longer and prevent that yellowing from happening cuz. I know you have that same problem and I went through that too. I learned a lot of things over the past 10 years So I’m gonna show you guys my do’s and don’ts of storing your sneaker collection else. So for those that are new to the channel Make sure you smash And don’t forget to different things that you can purchase that we talked about here but let’s go ahead and get right into it. So let’s start with some do’s and some don’ts and some questions that a lot of people always ask, right. How do you keep your shoes from yellowing from crumbling from looking old from getting dusty? They get yellow They crumble age is a factor when it comes to sneakers. They are still just a material item. I know we value them so much so the best thing we can do is try to preserve them as long as possible and we can talk more about Selling them when the right time to sell them and all those things as well on each specific method that I’m talking about here. If you guys like to see any more, So don’t expect your shoe to be fresh and clean. if you wear it, right if you wear the sneaker thing It’s naturally gonna get dirty It’s naturally gonna yellow over time. but a way to preserve that is to clean the shoe Before you put it away if you plan on consistently wearing. the shoe will naturally get wear and tear and then clean it before you put it away if it is a part of your rotation make Sure that you do clean it often keep some of that dirt and some of that gunk off of the shoe that will help slow down. the Yellowing process now for the people that are those big collectors and they have brand-new shoe deadstock sitting in the box they open it up after years and they’re like What the hell just happened.

Yellow Sneakers For Men My shoes are all messed up Well, this is the problem that a lot of people have and I got the solution for you first thing You shouldn’t do you see these ziplock bags right here eliminate all zip lock bags. We do not want to have Ziploc bags will literally be the death of you. I think the only way you could potentially get away with having a ziplock bag is if you put the shoe inside the bag and You don’t Ziploc of the bag I think it’s maybe a little bit better of a coating to preserve some of the dust. But you gotta let the shoes breathe and we’ll talk about that here in a second if it’s a deadstock shoe. I would say take the paper out of the box Flatten it all the way and stick the shoes on top of the paper Do not wrap the shoes in the paper. So what you want to do is flatten that down and then you’re good also If you. put it in these containers Never put the paper inside of there just put it in the clear containers and we can get into where to buy these containers. that one out Let’s go into the silica gel packs. Now. This is a don’t as well these things right here Yeah, these things these silica gel packs right here. Yeah no, we don’t want these things right here are the death of your shoe. You do not want these silica gel packs in or around your sneakers The reason why these take moisture out of the air, right and what that does is takes moisture out of the shoe People say oh you don’t want to put too much moisture in the shoe because it causes the yellow but what will happen is the shoe can deteriorate and It will crumble and it will look like this and you do not want the shoe to look like this. So what it does is it dries out the midsole it dries out the part to the shoe that you don’t want to dry out The foam and everything like that with that happening by the time you take the shoe out.

Yellow Sneakers For Men It’s gonna fall apart. It’s gonna crumble and you’re not gonna be happy at all You’re gonna have an old-school OG pair of shoes and they’re just gonna crumble right in your hands. So I’ve been able to preserve shoes that are 20 30 years old Because of not putting the gel packs not putting them in plastics Keeping the paper away from them. And now let’s get into a very good do right here. This one is very very simple What you need to do is keep your shoes in a cool environment cool to room temperature and away from animals and Then you would also like to keep the curtains or the blinds or anything that you have the lights Shut or off as much as possible Obviously when you come into the room or the area you want to you know, see them and everything, that’s good. But just constant light and everything coming on to it. It’s gonna naturally make the shoes yellow. So you want to eliminate light from the outside you want to eliminate light from the above on the ceiling the lamps? Whatever it maybe try to eliminate that light if it’s in your bedroom. And it’s where you live and you only have this so much space put a big curtain over the stack of shoes that way. You can lift up the curtain pull out the pair of shoes that you want from the container and everything will be all right. So over time, the boxes get very very dusty Right, and if you notice from that dust, there’s a hole on the side of the boxes Right.  So the shoes will get dusty So this is a part of if you put it in the bag Which I don’t think you should do if you put it in the bag, you’re still getting dust coming in from the side holes So here is an option that I used to do and I don’t really do as much anymore.

So what I’ll do is I’ll put tape on the inside of those holes to eliminate the dust entering inside of the box It does restrict some of the airflows but there is still going to be some airflow into the box. So that is okay But me personally. I’m rocking with the clear containers now and I don’t use that many shoeboxes anymore online have probably like 100 more Shoeboxes with shoes in them .so I’ll just kind of stick to the containers But we can get into that as well. The most important question that people have about the containers is you got the container and it’s a clear front, right? well like. I said before keep it in a dark space and you don’t have to worry about The light hitting the front of the shoes. So you want to keep your shoes away from windows and hot areas. So if you do put it on the opposite side of the room on the cool side of the room wherever that may be That is very very very important. when it comes to that. Another thing that people do is wrapping their shoes in the plastic wrap I think that is a horrible idea when you get them from a sneaker store and they come with one sneaker or plastic wrap Okay, cool but I would bust that plastic wrap right off the shoe and take that and throw it in the trash because That’s like I said again going to take all the air out of the shoe. It’s gonna take all the air out of that midsole. It’s gonna make those things crumble sooner. They’re gonna the leather won’t be able to breathe the new buck won’t be able to breathe then it’s gonna start looking ashy, and it’s not gonna make sense to you, right. Yellow Sneakers For Men.

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